We are a shop that sells 100% handmade original jewelry that provides spirituality and good luck for your well being!

I am an astrologer writer, master in Feng Shui, meditation, master in sacred geometry, numerology and Tai Chi. I am also certified in kinetic kinesiology. I have studied the meaning of the symbols very deeply and that is why I decided to create this jewelry made with intention.

This Jewelry was created with the intention of activating positive symbols of protection and harmony that connect the divinity that is in you. We are all light and by keeping our living flame in our life we have the possibility of expressing our spirituality with greater force.

Each of my pieces is made through love in moments of balance and joy of my spirit because I am aware that, according to energy, a person permeates and transmits their feelings in everything they do and I want to offer a piece of jewelry that gives you the energy, peace and love that my spirit transmits.